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The Pace of Business is On the Rise


Business challenges we all face when responding to change.

Research by Progress Software/Economist Intelligence research showed some interesting statistics regarding the shifting business landscape around us.  The statistics show that the pace of business is the on the rise, and the top three factors causing this change over the past five years are the volatile economic environment, increased competition and a fast-changing regulatory environment. Unfortunately, businesses have barriers to overcome to react to the fast pace, including lack of resources, lack of coordination and inaccurate or incomplete data. Take a look at their infographic.

Most importantly, an overwhelming 53% of people believe leadership is ineffective in making the right decisions about how or when to respond to change.  Fortunately, we can all overcome these challenges by incorporating strong leadership, effective flow of information and keeping accurate and up-to-date data.

Historic South End, Silos and Rail Trail

On October 21, 1852, the first railroad train arrived in Charlotte, which may have been the most important event in the city’s history.  Innovative funding by the business community and townsfolk made the line possible and the railroad train’s arrival spawned an imaginative leadership and innovative movement that contributed to making South End what it…Continue Reading

Americans with Disabilities Act and Restriping Parking Lots

Americans with Disabilities don’t need any more hurdles to overcome than they already face, especially in their everyday lives and this includes attempting to visit a place of business.  The Americans with Disabilities Act takes this into consideration and has set requirements for businesses that are restriping their parking lots.  According to the U.S. Department…Continue Reading

Indoor GPS- How it Will Benefit Users and Business

In recent years, companies have been developing something called IPS, or indoor positioning service, which would allow your phone, tablet or any other wireless enabled device to be constantly tracking certain signals in your location by using Wi-Fi signals that already exist in the building.   Some companies, such as Google, already offer mobile maps of…Continue Reading

CREW’s 7th Annual Casino Night Supports Scholarships

It’s that time of year again!  The time for April showers, spring cleaning and CREW’s 7th Annual Casino Night!  This year, the Commercial Real Estate Women’s event is being held on April 25th at The Big Chill located in uptown Charlotte.  According to A&K’s Whitney Bauman, the co-chair of the event, there is an expected record turn-out with over…Continue Reading