Dry Erase Presentation Wallcoverings & Coatings

dry erase presentation
Idea Paint is an excellent product.

Imagine getting rid of that tired white board look.  Offer your tenants ways to set their people free to share planning and idea sessions by incorporating Dry Erase Presentation surfaces virtually anywhere, including tables and work surfaces. We can do that!  We’re experts at installation of dry erase presentation wallcoverings and coatings.  In fact, we use both in our offices and training facility.

  • provides very practical updated look for your tenants
  • easy way to offer increased value
  • excellent projection surface provides a combination wall treatment
  • gets rid of limited framed white boards
  • full wall applications expand planning sessions and brainstorming
  • multiple color options and design effects
  • use on multiple surfaces
  • add dry erase presentation surfaces to existing design and architectural elements

Learn more about incorporating modern dry erase presentation solutions.