High Bay Cleaning and Painting


A&K High Bay Cleaning and PaintingA&K Painting Company transforms your facility and makes it look great.
That makes you look great too.

Your facility’s high ceiling, wall and structure surfaces are tired looking, darkened or covered with built-up dust, dirt or soot. Time and the combination of other elements change what once were clean, bright light reflective surfaces. Moisture and temperature related to HVAC, weather and humidity; lack of air filtering and dust, dirt and other particulate in the air from manufacturing and other processes have a negative impact.

Rely on A&K’s Exceptional Attention to Detail to complete your High Bay Cleaning and Painting and make your facility look great! When you determine it is time to get your facility in tip-top shape, an A&K representative will meet with you, assess needs and develop a budget and schedule to meet your needs. Our trained crews managed with A&K’s JobNet™ Quality Control will, very safely and quickly, complete your project providing a clean and great like-new look for your facility.

Contact our solutions team for all of your High Bay Cleaning and Painting needs