OTS – A&K’s Operation Training Showroom

To enrich and maintain our position as Charlotte’s premier painting contractor, we built our Operations Training Showroom (OTS) which provides direct and valuable support for our customers and their clients.

The Operations center is the nerve center of our field operations. More than just a warehouse, our field management efficiencies are significantly improved through the better organization and flow the new center provides. Our Operations center allows us to provide our customers even better value through improved quality assurance and productivity.

The Training center provides a learning and resource venue for you and your customers. We provide educational sessions on Paint 101, LEED and sustainability, latest paint technology, industry standards and maintaining your assets. Importantly, it also provides a world class learning environment and supports the ongoing training of our employees.  Our ongoing investment in employee training makes a significant and measurable difference in the delivery of the world class service we provide our customers.  Excellence in training, management and communication defines who we are and how we operate our business.  It allows us to provide the best customer service and sets us apart from the competition.

Our Showroom provides our customers and their clients with the opportunity to see hundreds of designs and finish products displayed on a large scale. Floor coatings, decorative finishes, interior and exterior paint, wallcoverings and more are on display.  We provide a service with a very visual end result.  Being able to properly visualize what your project will look like is an incredible additional benefit of working with Charlotte’s premier painting contractor.

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