Roof Coatings

As the Charlotte painting contractor chosen by the top property management groups and Commercial Real Estate Professionals, adding Roof Coatings to our results based services was a simple decision.  Our exceptional attention to detail with preparation and application, customer service and our unequaled state-of-the-art project management provides the best value for our customers.

Our Sealoflex roof coatings applications:

  • Protect existing roof systems
  • Increase longevity
  • Provide the ability to change to a lighter color, thereby increasing reflectivity.
    Where roofs are changed from non-white to an Energy Star Finish, substantial financial benefits can be realized from power companies as well as local authorities. In addition, the building can qualify for additional LEED points.
  • Meet aesthetic objectives of owners and design pros by changing the roof color.  Many single ply membranes are only available in limited colors, i.e. black, grey and white.

We provide the expertise and quality control you need. Contact us today for evaluation of your project and accurate pricing.

  • Sealoflex Green Brochure
    This brochure addresses the GREEN Components of Sealoflex Products including LEED Point Information.
  • Coatings Plus Flyer
    This flyer briefly highlights the Coatings Plus System, an affordable roof recovery system for most flat or low sloped roofs.
  • ReflectoWhite Flyer
    This flyer describes the Sealoflex ReflectoWhite roof coating product.
  • Solar Absorpitivity Printable Chart
    Download this informative and useful Solar Absorptivity chart.
    Solar Absorpitivity is a fraction which represents the difference between how much solar radiation is absorbed by a material versus that which is absorbed by a standard black surface. Since black (dark) surfaces absorb more solar energy than lighter colors (i.e., do not reflect as much), those surfaces are warmer.

Solar Absorptivity Chart from Sealoflex