Amanda Hibberts and A&K Painting in Industry News Profile

A&K Painting Director Repaint Division  Amanda Hibberts

Congratulations Amanda on being featured in yesterday’s combined individual and company profile put together by the PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America) and presented in  their member emailed news.

Amanda Hibberts, Director, Repaint Division at A&K Painting Co.

Q: How long has A&K Painting been a member of PDCA?

A: Since 1997.

Q: What inspired you to choose this profession?

A: Andy Robbins, our CEO, inspired me. When he called me out of the blue and offered me an interview with A&K 9 years ago, I was working in the commercial millwork industry. My response to him was “I don’t know anything about paint except the difference between flat and eggshell. ” His reply was “That’s all you need to know!” How can you not love someone like that! Andy is fearless, he is strong, and he inspires everyone he encounters- including me! But boy- was he wrong!

Q: What’s your favorite paint project you’ve completed?

A: In 2007, we painted the Wells Fargo Rainbow Corridor. This corridor connects two buildings in uptown Charlotte. This was a fun project because we used 38 different paint colors on each side of the corridor to essentially create a 3 dimensional fan deck.

Q: What PDCA benefit do you use most?

A: The PDCA Standards hands down have been the greatest asset and value provided by PDCA. We use them daily.

Q: Outside of work, what do you like to do?

A: Yoga, cooking, spending time with my family!

Q: Interesting/fun fact about yourself?

A: I was the first female Chair of the PDCA Commercial Forum. Oh and I like to box from time to time!

Q: What color is your kitchen?

A: My kitchen is Sherwin Williams Network Gray. My husband Michael applied Scuffmaster Solid Metal Black, with a Scuffmaster Pearl Coat on all of the cabinets and trim. Clean, sophisticated and the perfect accompaniment to my tiled back splash and stainless accents.