Ask the Expert: Bri Barber Answers 5 Questions About Property Management
A&K Painting
September 13, 2021
Commercial property management in the Charlotte area often feels a lot like juggling—especially if you’re responsible for multiple properties. The good news is that with the right support team, managing your properties can be a lot less stressful.

In today’s post, Bri Barber from A&K Painting answers five questions about commercial property management and how she and her team work to simplify the maintenance process for property managers.

Meet Bri Barber

1. What is your role at A&K Painting, and how does your role impact commercial property managers?

My role at A&K Painting is to develop relationships with property managers so we can work as partners to maintain their assets. We often work together on different projects relating to services we provide, such as stucco repairs, interior and exterior painting, scheme rebranding, and overall paint renovations.

2. What do you like most about working for A&K Painting?

Working for A&K Painting feels like working with family, and I appreciate the open-communication culture. Starting my role at the beginning of the pandemic was a challenge, but the team’s amazing communication made it an easy transition in an uncertain time.

3. What is one thing A&K Painting can do that surprises property managers?

We don’t just come onto a jobsite and paint! Our team manages the project and sends out daily progress reports with pictures through Jobnet. We always keep our customers updated on the status of their project.

4. What advice would you give property managers when it comes to the maintenance of their properties?

It can be difficult to visit locations due to the pandemic. We can partner up with property managers to survey their portfolios and provide a timeline for when items are likely to need immediate attention. This can make it easier for property managers to detail areas of their portfolio to budget over the year.

5. Why is the Charlotte area a great place for commercial property managers?

CRE networking groups in Charlotte have allowed me to connect with so many amazing professionals in the area. I recommend looking into different groups to see what best resonates with your company mission and join.

Partner With Bri Barber & A&K Painting Today

Are you a commercial property manager in Charlotte? Interested in learning more about how A&K Painting can simplify your day-to-day tasks while helping you maintain your portfolio of properties? Get in touch today to speak to a team member and get started. We look forward to talking with you!

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