Dry Erase Walls and Surfaces More Popular Than Ever

A&K Painting provides a canvas for brainstorming and finding solutions.

Dry erase walls and other surfaces, like tables and work surfaces, continue to gain in use and popularity.  They promote a better means to get ideas out, work on solutions and actively see the big picture; particularly when working with fellow team members as well as working by yourself. Getting rid of the tired white board look and gaining whole walls and table tops to work on, to brainstorm, plan and find solutions provides a great benefit for your people and company.

We have many options available that fit most needs.  Visit our Dry Erase Solutions page for ideas. We’re experts at both presentation coatings and wallcoverings.  In fact, we have Dry Erase solutions on walls and sections of walls throughout our own offices and at our Operations Training Showroom. Contact us today to learn more and bring our expertise to your workplaces.  We have solutions for offices, hospital and medical building or production and manufacturing facilities.  We have many design options too.  Not just white. Think design colors and patterns, and lined and grid patterns solutions perfect for educational settings, classrooms and labs.

Today’s Wall Street Journal story about Evernote’s Silicon Valley office building highlights one of the products we use called IdeaPaint, an excellent dry erase coating.  Evernote’s complex utilizes dry erase solutions throughout, in offices, conference rooms and common areas. Unfortunately the full WSJ article is in the subscriber protected area otherwise we’d link to it.  Here are two photos of the Evernote offices.

Photo of Evernote's Offices and their use of Dry Erase coatings on office and common area walls

From the WSJ Article
The whiteboard has three chief virtues: It’s fast. It’s easy to use. And it’s big. “We’re often doing something I call ‘designing in the hallway,’ ” said Jamie Hull, the product manager for Evernote’s iOS apps. “When a new problem or request comes up, the fastest thing you can do is pull two or three people aside, go to the nearest wall, and figure it out.” Unlike a computer or phone, the whiteboard is always on, always fully charged, and it doesn’t require that people download, install, and launch software to begin using it.