Good Resource for Business: SBA’s Affordable Healthcare Webpage

Good Resource for Business

According to the SBA, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act enacted comprehensive health insurance reforms designed to ensure Americans have access to quality, affordable health insurance”. The details of the Affordable Care Act can be found at the SBA’s Healthcare webpage. The webpage provides important information about the Affordable Care Act and what the law means for small businesses. It lists the key provisions of the ACA and explains how the size of your business determines which provision will apply to you. It also lists a glossary of key healthcare reform terms, a timeline of the ACA Insurance reforms, and specific ACA information in your state.

The webpage also includes in an informational blog about the top three things all small businesses should know about the Affordable Care Act, including details about small business tax credits, affordable insurance marketplaces, and employer shared responsibility provisions. Overall, the SBA’s Healthcare webpage is excellent resource for business, because it explains everything a business owner needs to know about the new Affordable Care Act.