Green Building Top 10 Megatrends for 2013

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In a recent press release, Jerry Yudelson revealed his “annual list of Top 10 Megatrends for the green building industry”.  Jerry is known as one of the nation’s leading green building consultants and sustainability experts. He is the founder of Yudelson Associates and has written 13 books on building green.  He believes that despite the global economic slowdown, green building will continue to expand globally in 2013.  According to Jerry, “more people are building green each year, with 50,000 LEED projects underway by the latest counts”.  Jerry lists ten megatrends, but his second prediction stands out specifically, because it affects so many sectors of the building industry, including commercial real estate professionals, facility managers, general contractors, BOMA, education authorities, and more.

In his second prediction, Jerry explains, “The focus of the green building industry will continue its switch from new building design and construction to green existing buildings.  The fastest growing LEED rating system the past three years has been LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (LEED O+M), with cumulative floor area in these certified projects now greater than in new construction”.  The LEED for Existing Buildings O&M Rating System, according to the U.S. Green Building Council, is a “set of voluntary performance standards for the sustainable ongoing operations of buildings not undergoing major renovations”.

For the professionals mentioned above to stay competitive and profitable all new projects will need to be LEED certified, whether Jerry’s prediction is correct or not.  Perhaps more importantly, existing operations will need to follow the LEED for Existing Buildings O&M Rating System; otherwise they will get left behind in this progressive, environmental friendly market.  These professionals need to take into consideration that although transforming an existing building into a green building cost a substantial amount of money initially, in the long run, LEED certified buildings lower operating costs, increase asset value, reduce waste, conserve energy and are safer for occupants.

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