Rebrand Painting, Part 2: Repainting Due to Acquisition
A&K Painting
April 12, 2021
In part one of our rebranding series, we talked about one of the reasons why a business might need to change its branding. It boiled down to refreshing designs, color schemes, logos, and other materials to keep up with changing style trends and consumer psychology. In part two, we’ll discuss the other reason companies go through rebranding: a brand change or acquisition by another company.

Because of the scale of this brand change, it’s likely to have a bigger impact on the company’s bottom line, so completing the update as quickly as possible is of utmost importance. But, when you factor in that you might have dozens—or hundreds—of locations that need rebranding nationwide, finishing the project quickly becomes a lot more daunting. After all, no two locations will require exactly the same updates, so how are you supposed to manage such a large rollout? Especially when each location might require:

  • Architectural and structural changes
  • Electrical and plumbing updates to comply with building codes
  • New flooring
  • New lighting
  • New paint
  • New hardware, counters, windows, and more

The answer: Work with a contractor who can handle the details for you.

Choose a Contractor With Experience Implementing National Brand Rollouts

While changing and updating brands is common on a local level, involving only a single building or a handful in the same geographical area, rebranding at a national scale happens more often than you might think. It most frequently occurs in the financial/banking, fast food, and retail industries.

Retail is extremely competitive, so the faster a plan for rebranding can come to fruition, the better.

An experienced contractor will be able to take your rebranding goals and create a plan for making it happen. The architectural and design portion of the project might include:

  • Creating concept images showing the new brand on location
  • Putting together detailed construction plans
  • Making 3D visuals to provide a virtual walkthrough
  • Building an at-scale prototype pre-rollout for inspection

Once these plans have been approved and the branding directors give the go ahead, your contractor will start the process of preparing the sites for the rollout. That process might look like this:

  1. Get a desktop study or site survey of the location
  2. Create a tentative work schedule, budget, and timeline
  3. Get feedback on the design, schedule, budget, and timeline from the director
  4. Create a detailed production schedule and sign off on it
  5. Get planning permissions and any other permits where required

It’s important to remember that, according to the scale of the rebranding project, your contractor might be overseeing shop-fitting at several different locations with different needs and requirements at once. Choosing a contractor who is equipped to handle the scale of the project is imperative for a successful rebranding rollout.

A&K Painting Can Help With Your National Rebranding Project

If you’re searching for the right contractor for your national or local rebranding project, look no further than A&K Painting. We have years of experience servicing properties across large geographic areas and maintain long-standing, well-established national accounts.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our rebranding services and see how we can help you make your rollout a seamless experience from start to finish.

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