The Need for More Green Buildings

Green Sustainable World picture

According to an article from Green Building Elements, “In developed countries, about 40 percent of total energy generation is consumed by the building sector”.  Developed countries have a much higher standard quality of living than undeveloped or developing countries do, so they require more energy in their homes and offices for heating, cooling, lighting and electrical appliances.  We all know that in turn, this naturally creates an increased consumption of fossil fuels and the accompanying environmental challenges and a need for even more green buildings.

According to Green Building Elements, “to combat this environmental challenge, we need a holistic, integrated approach towards reducing the energy consumption in buildings yet maintaining a high standard of building services, internal comfort and quality of living”.  This type of approach requires that every stage, from the brainstorming stage to the end building usage stage be focused on reducing net energy needs.  A legislative, economic and social structure has been developed “that will make the construction and buildings sector economically and environmentally sustainable” through this holistic approach.  Also, now that there are measurements and standards for “energy efficient buildings, net-zero-energy buildings, energy audits and energy certification of buildings”, it is possible to assess the energy performance of all buildings with the same specifications.

With the progress that has been made on making buildings green, it is now economically feasible for the majority of construction companies and property owners to make the “green” transition and this holistic approach will help raise awareness of this change.  Regardless of how energy efficient a building is, the “green concept is reality and it is here to stay”.

A&K Painting Company’s leadership with Green Painting, years completing LEED projects, along with our Green Advantage Certified team member provides our customers with increased value and benefit.