Top 3 Ways NC Manufacturers Can Optimize Facilities and Processes
A&K Painting
May 12, 2022

The cost of materials, energy, logistics, and labor continue to rise, and it is affecting many of the world’s manufacturers as well as local North Carolina manufacturers. Even as demand increases, rising inflation is increasing pressure to raise prices for consumers, and some think it’s only a matter of time before that bubble bursts.

As manufacturers try to adapt and keep their facilities and processes running smoothly, they are facing numerous challenges. Many have had to repurpose their production to some degree, while others are searching for novel ways to save money and keep their budgets afloat.

As costs continue to rise, optimizing your facility has never been more important. If you’ve been searching for ways to save without cutting corners, the team at A&K Painting can help. We’ve been helping facilities optimize their budgets and production for more than 30 years. Keep reading to learn more about the three ways we typically approach optimization.

1. Plant Repurposing

As more and more facilities repurpose their production lines, changes in processing become inevitable. We can help you update your facility processes to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. The steps we might take include:

  • Taping
  • Marking lines
  • Adding wayfinding signage
  • Adding 5S markings

Learn more about facility repurposing and how we can help you help with your processes and maximize production.

2. Painting Instead of Replacing

When it comes to equipment costs, replacement is something you typically want to avoid whenever possible. Overall, regularly maintaining and repainting equipment is the more cost-effective option. Bring us in to evaluate the equipment at your facility, and we’ll look at:

  • Secondary containment equipment
  • Structural steel
  • Other facility structures

After our evaluation is complete, we’ll provide recommendations for maintenance and repainting to help you avoid costly repair or replacement costs down the road.

3. Budget Planning

The team at A&K has years of experience working with facility managers and property managers to plan comprehensive budgets. Part of that planning process includes prioritizing what needs to happen soon and what can wait until a later date.

Planning and prioritizing in this way can help your facility save thousands of dollars in unnecessary maintenance and painting costs.

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Contact a facility specialist at A&K Painting today to schedule a walkthrough at your facility. We look forward to helping you repurpose your plant and update processes, initiate maintenance and repainting schedules, and plan your budget.

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