We Remember Those Who Paid the Price of Our Freedom

A&K Painting Co. honors those who have paid the ultimate price to bring us the freedom we so dearly love.  Our liberty and freedom are the direct result of those lost serving and defending our country, way of life and while protecting others.  We work to bring attention to Memorial Day and engage others in and around Charlotte – to remember.  For the third year, all A&K Painting Co. employees are dressed in special A&K Painting Camouflage T-shirts.  Operations Manager, Michael Hibberts shared that the A&K Painting Co. team members understand that wearing the special shirts is a way of showing respect and honoring those who have paid the price of freedom.  A&K Painting CEO, Andy Robbins spoke to the team this morning before our group photo was taken, asking everyone  to think about the men and women who have given their all.  He requested that everyone engage others they meet during the day, on our jobsites, on sales calls and in meetings, and ask them to remember those who helped preserve our freedom.  Andy shared “We want to make sure people know that we’re an exceptional Charlotte painting contractor, and that remembering matters to us.  Last year some of our customers said they had never seen a painting crew with camouflage shirts and thought it was a great way to show respect.”

For more information about how you can help remember those who paid the price of our freedom go to Memorial Day Foundation.

A&K Painting Team Members - Remember Those Who Paid the Price of Our Freedom Camouflage Shirts