Working in Painting: Why a Career in Painting Might Work for You
A&K Painting
June 11, 2021
Have you been thinking about exploring painting jobs in Charlotte? A&K Painting is hiring, and we’re always looking for new team members who work hard and see the potential for growth in this huge industry.

If you ask commercial & industrial painters why they love this industry, you’ll probably get a variety of answers. They usually boil down to:

More variety in their workdays.

If you get bored easily and like working on different projects with different requirements, a job in the industrial painting industry might be perfect for you. You might be working in an industrial plant and coating machinery one day, and helping a retail space complete a rebranding effort the next. No two projects are the same, and you’ll often have opportunities to work with big brands in rewarding environments.

The opportunity to learn new skills.

Learning new things is a great way to make yourself a valuable asset. While painting is obviously an important skill to master for this industry, you might also learn how to build relationships with clients and how to network—both of which are valuable life skills you can put to use if you decide to work independently or start your own business.

Being part of an industry that’s always relevant.

America is always going to need painters. While you might have heard that painting is a summer job, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Outdoor painting does tend to fall off in the winter, but working with a commercial painting contractor, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple facilities that require plenty of indoor jobs.

Jobs in Painting: Create Your Own Career Path

The great thing about starting your career as a painter is the opportunity for growth. As you master your skills and learn more about the industry, you can choose your own path and control your future. What might that look like?

Step 1: Start by applying.

Step 2: Join a crew and start working full-time as a painter.

Step 3: Learn on the job from your peers and mentors to develop your skills as a professional painter.

Step 4: Once you’ve mastered your craft, it’s time to build and lead your own crew.

Step 5: This is where things get interesting! You can choose to become a supervisor, manage operations, or go independent and build your own painting business.

Take Your First Step at A&K Painting

Apply for a Charlotte painting job today with A&K Painting. We’re proud of our positive reputation in Charlotte and are always eager to add hardworking and reliable individuals to our teams. Why should you apply?

  • Get great job benefits.
  • Join a family-oriented and positive work culture.
  • Attend our annual events celebrating our dedicated employees.
  • Earn competitive pay.
  • Enjoy a safety-conscious work environment.

Apply today. We look forward to meeting you!

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