Case Study: CommScope

About the Project

CommScope Manufacturing Facility in Catawba, NC

A&K Services:
Tank Painting | Elevated Structure Painting | Industrial Facility Maintenance | Corrosion Control

Why They Chose A&K Painting

The cost to replace exterior storage tanks is staggering. CommScope was looking to extend the life of their tanks and provide protection against exterior elements. CommScope opted for protective coatings from A&K Painting. Not only will exterior coatings extend the life of the structure, it will also help present a better exterior facade. A better exterior will represent the business well on facility tours.

CommScope chose A&K Painting because of their ability to handle the complexities of the project. They also liked A&K’s superior knowledge of industrial coatings.

Before Shots of The containment Tanks

Project Prep: Complicated Logistics 

The tanks at the facility faced 2 unique challenges. These challenges made it difficult to complete the job with a traditional approach.

The Challenges:
1. The height and narrow shape of the towers.
2. The proximity of the towers to other structures.

Project Setup:  A Unique Approach

With any standard tank painting project, A&K would use boom lifts to access the structure. Due to the height of the tanks and their proximity to other buildings, A&K painting was required to take a different approach.

Scaffolding was installed around the tanks to give us 360 degree access to the structure. This approach allowed us to quickly navigate the tanks as well as reach every area that needed coating.

Project Timeline: A Speedy Turnaround

A&K Painting was able to complete this project on time with no downtime to the facility. The entirety of the project was completed in under two months time, even with the scaffolding installation.

Scaffolding was completely installed in 1 week and the tanks were able to begin coatings. Exterior coatings on the tanks, cage ladders, and details were completely primed and coated in just over 1 month.  After the coatings process was completed, scaffolding was removed from the structure in just 3 days.  

The entirety of this project was completed efficiently as well as safely.  A&K Painting prides themselves on a sterling safety record.  


Materials: An Epoxy Primer with a Urethane Top Coat

Based on the project requirements, A&K Painting needed to select materials that protected the structure and extended its longevity. A&K chose to use an epoxy primer with a urethane top coat. This mix of coatings provides outstanding UV protection that will protect the tower from the elements. The urethane top coat also adds corrosion resistance from materials stored within the tanks.

Project Communication: JobNet

JobNet is A&K Painting’s proprietary software that acts as a communication tool between A&K Painting and our clients. Every day, summary reports and photos are uploaded to JobNet and emailed directly to clients in an easy to read project link.

Project details include:

  • Area of work performed
  • Work performed
  • Plan for the next day
  • Start/End time
  • Crew on site

The Final Result

After the scaffolding came down, CommScope was delighted by the finished product. They now have exterior containment tanks that will hold up under the elements for years. Not only will the tanks now have a prolonged life, they also add a polished look to the facility that impresses on facility tours. Displaying a well maintained facility was incredibly important to CommScope to help with the acquisition of new clients and partners.

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