Miracle at the Meadowlands by Herman Edwards

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A&K Painting Company's 20th Anniversary Celebration special guest, Coach Herm Edwards, shares the real story of the Miracle at the Meadowlands and more. [youtube]https://youtu.be/5uF-Pu4FoBg[/youtube]

Shutterfly, Inc. – All about Made in America

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No Hassles, No Worries and Your Project is Done

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When CRE professionals work with A&K Painting, they never have to be concerned about how their projects are being handled.  Our experienced team provides our customers outstanding organizational and time management skills to deliver incomparable…

A&K Painting Company’s JobNet™

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A&K Painting Co. JobNet™ = Better Service, Better Property Security & Safety for CRE Personnel At A&K Painting Company, we constantly work to provide our customers with the best service available.  We accomplish our goal in…

Historic South End, Silos and Rail Trail

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On October 21, 1852, the first railroad train arrived in Charlotte, which may have been the most important event in the city’s history.  Innovative funding by the business community and townsfolk made the line possible and the railroad…

The Greenest Building and Building Reuse

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Since there has been an increase in environmental awareness across the country, it’s fascinating to see how many varying viewpoints there are on how to improve the environment and reduce energy usage. One study, by Preservation Green Lab,…

Work Hard then Play Hard

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Here at A&K Painting Company, we work hard to fulfill all of our customers’ needs and provide them with the excellent service they deserve.  We also know that everyone we interact with works just as hard; long days, long weeks, getting…

Commercial RRP Expansion – Significant Changes Ahead – Comments Requested

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Significant changes are ahead for maintenance and up-fit/remodel work on pre-1978 Commercial and Public buildings.  The EPA is working to expand the existing Residential & Child Care - Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule…

Most Family Friendly Ranking: Great for Business

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  Raleigh and Charlotte Top Rankings Good for CRE and Construction The Human Life Project is a nonprofit organization that encourages cities to invest in families and to identify and reverse negative trends before they become even bigger…