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With more customers and tenants driving electric vehicles than ever before, the need for designated EV parking spaces has never been higher for Charlotte area business owners. Whether you have one commercial building or several hundred, A&K Painting Company is uniquely equipped to provide the experience and quality control needed to handle all of your electric vehicle space painting needs. Enjoy a hassle-free experience by trusting our commercial painting contractors with your EV space painting project!

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EV Parking Solutions for All Industries

Every commercial property owner can benefit from adding designated electric vehicle parking spaces, including:

  • Public & Private Garages: Give your parking garage guests a place to recharge their vehicles with easy-to-navigate wayfinding thanks to our professional space painting.
  • Retail Locations: Provide customers a place to plug in their electric vehicles right in front of your store.
  • Private Offices: Empower employees with designated EV parking spaces so they can worry less about their car charge and more about increasing productivity.
  • Commercial Facilities: Allow for multiple electric vehicle parking locations at your commercial facility through our commercial painting solutions.

What is an EV Parking Space?

An electric vehicle parking spot is most obviously equipped with a charging station; however, there are other elements of an EV parking space that make them more easily recognizable. These key characteristics include:

  • Color: Since electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, most EV parking spaces are demarked by iconic green coloring with white typography and iconography.
  • Iconography: Speaking of iconography, EV parking spots almost universally use a cord and plug in their signage to communicate car-charging capabilities.
  • Wording: The words “Charging Station,” “Electric Vehicle,” or simply “EV” are commonly used to indicate EV parking space availability.


At A&K Painting Company, our team works to ensure your EV parking spaces meet industry standards to help customers, tenants, and employees easily find their way to designated electric vehicle parking. Allow us to help make your EV charging stations easily accessible to all by connecting with our commercial painting contractors today.

Why Professionally Paint EV Space Painting Spaces?

Clearly communicating electric vehicle parking availability is critical. By trusting a commercial painting contractor with your EV space designation needs, you’ll be able to:

  • Prevent Confusion: Our team uses the most recognizable iconography, coloring, and wording to make wayfinding easy for any driver.
  • Remain Relevant: Show customers, tenants, and employees you care about their changing needs by offering EV parking.
  • Increase Profits: Landlords offering easy-to-navigate EV parking solutions for tenants can enjoy increased profits as residents are willing to pay higher rent for such amenities.

Make sure your electric vehicle parking spaces are clearly indicated with the right color and communication cues: Choose professional EV space painting with our commercial contractors in Charlotte, NC!

A&K Painting Co. for Your EV Space Painting Needs!

A&K Painting Company is a fully equipped commercial painting company headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Offering a broad range of EV space painting capabilities, our team is prepared to help any industry professional provide convenient, easy-to-navigate parking solutions for their customers, tenants, and employees. Our commercial painting services are designed to enhance, protect, and increase the market value of your property.

If you’re seeking a knowledgeable commercial painting company to provide EV parking space painting services at your Charlotte area property, don’t hesitate to reach out to A&K Painting Company. Request a custom quote for your electric vehicle space painting project today!

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