Dry Fall Coatings Application


A&K Painting Company Dry Fall Coatings Application ExpertsDry Fall Coatings Application is one of several specialty coatings A&K Painting utilizes that provides our clients with solutions for particular needs.  Dry Fall Coatings provide significant benefits for ceiling, overhead and many other applications in industrial plants, textile mills, manufacturing plants, warehousing and shopping centers.

Available in high light reflectance and high hiding bright whites and a wide range of colors, Dry Fall Coatings paint droplets dry rapidly when falling, in the space of 10 feet or more, for example, and be swept and vacuumed away. Use of Dry Fall Coatings eliminates overspray issues and saves containment and masking protection time needed with most-other coating and paint types.

  • USDA inspected facilities
  • Exposed Structural Steel
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial and Commercial Warehousing
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Overspray Protection Time Savings Solution

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