Electrostatic Coating

ElectrostaticPaintingElectrostatic coating application provide our customers with a cost effective, factory like finish that can be applied on-site. We’re able to refinish building architectural elements and decorative metal surfaces as well as office equipment, medical and manufacturing equipment and office furniture. Electrostatic Coating application advantages include:

  • environmental safety
  • virtually no overspray
  • quick turn around
  • more durable than normal enamels
  • impervious to disinfectants and other cleaning materials
  • cost effective
  • factory like finish
  • interior and exterior ¬†

Electrostatic coating is a process that employs special equipment and application methods. Static charged coatings are spray applied to more efficiently paint a workpiece. ¬†Positively charged paint seeks grounded metals and “wraps” around even the most intricate shapes.

What can be painted and refinished

Aluminum Handrail Systems
Architectural Metalwork and Structural Steel
Bank Tellers Cabinets, Safes, ATM Machines
Bathroom Partitions
Building Entrances – A New Bronze Finish Applied
Commercial Refrigeration Display Cases
Condominium Window and Door Frames
Factory Machinery
Fencing, Gates and Frames
Gym and Health Club Equipment
Hotel Stair and Balcony Railings
Laboratory Furniture
Manufacturing Equipment
Office Building Window and Door Frames
Office Furniture and Systems
Pool Railings
Retail Store Fronts
Shopping Mall Entrances Window and Door Frames
Wrought Iron Decorative Railings