Graffiti Removal and Repair

graffitiremovalGraffiti and tagging is a nuisance and it’s degrading and damaging to your building’s aesthetics and the professional reputation of your tenants.  Property and Facility Managers rely on A&K Painting Company expertise and ability to quickly respond to graffiti removal, cleanup and repairs.

Quick removal and cleanup is the key to success when fighting taggers and graffiti. Governmental bodies have found the faster graffiti is removed, the less future graffiti appears in that location.

We determine the most effective method to remove or cleanup surfaces and utilize many approaches depending on type of substrate, type and frequency of tagging and graffiti applied.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Removal
  • Safe Removal from Sensitive Surface to protect against substrate damage
  • Chemical Removal
  • Mechanical Removal

Additionally, on painted surfaces, quickly seal priming and painting over the graffiti with the correct paint color and finish, gets your building back to normal, looking good and importantly let’s tagger know their work will not be tolerated.

We provide many solutions to lower costs of future cleanups and repairs.  And for locations where chronic high levels of graffiti activity occur, once graffiti is removed, we apply special types of coatings to protect surfaces and significantly reduce the cost of future removal and cleanup.  We utilize the right coating for the impacted substrate which can include painted surfaces, brick and concrete.  

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