Industrial Floor Repairs

Properly repaired and maintained floors provide a safer workplace and improve production.

Damaged floors and faulty or failing flooring applications put safe workplaces at risk and plant production can be impacted by downtime. Though plant engineering and facility maintenance departments are often called upon to make emergency repairs to floors, often, from what we have witnessed, those repairs do not resolve the root problems and frequently require ongoing maintenance.

Rely on A&K Painting Company’s ‘exceptional attention to detail’ for industrial floor repairs such as chips, holes, cracking, spalling and other damages. With our full evaluation to provide solutions, we look for structural related and moisture related causes to damages and failures. Our employee’s ongoing specialty education assures the right preparation and repair products are specified and are compatible with selected coatings systems.

Concrete problems and damage repairs are the most common floor repair encountered. We utilize saw cuts outside the damaged and deteriorating areas and chip out concrete within the repair areas. We remove all deteriorated concrete, and our repair work extends well into surrounding sound concrete surfaces. Repairs to sloping and resloping around drains is another area we provide particular attention to.

When existing floor coating systems breakdown prematurely or fail, correct preparation is critical to the success and long life of the new coating application. We provide the expertise, equipment and skilled workforce to complete projects that will provide best quality and value.

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