5S Painting and Labeling

When improving or maintaining 5S Standards, our experience with 5S painting and labeling provides facility managers and plant engineers results they need.

  • The advantage of A&K’s knowledgeable staff to provide results-oriented planning and implementation
  • Our workforce size provides a quick return to service for updated areas, adding increased value
  • Testing of processes and flow with temporary finishes and labeling provides 5S measurement and proof before application of more permanent applications – that means no costly changes due to inexperienced mistakes
  • Heavy duty abrasion resistance solutions that are specific to your facility or plant’s unique needs
  • High visibility colors that increase safety and productivity
  • Floor and equipment marking and labeling in accordance with OSHA regulations, and federal or state food and beverage related regulations

Facilities and plants which have incorporated 5S, or are implementing 5S for the first time, seek to spot problems quickly. For many, 5s has become 6S. The sixth element being Safety.

What is 5S Painting?

The term 5S is derived from five Japanese words that describe a process to organize the workplace. Generally speaking, 5S means “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Those implementing 5S seek to spot problems quickly.

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

5S provides the means to easily see if anything is out of order. It improves productivity, which lowers costs. It provides for the efficient maintenance of sustainable systems, and can promote active safety management.

How to Implement the 5S Approach in Workcells & Workstations

Based on 5 Japanese words that begin with ‘S’, the 5S Philosophy hones in on effective work place organization and standardized work procedures. When correctly implemented, it reduces waste, increases efficiency, and increases overall work quality. You’ll also have a safer, more effective operation and employees who are more checked in than they were before. It simplifies work flow and helps you find inefficiency. You may see things like empty flow racks, needless processes, over stocking, redundant operations, looming maintenance problems, and more.

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