Industrial Floor Coatings - Polished Concrete

A&K leads the industry with expertise and experience to meet your industrial floor coating and polished concrete needs.

  • After identifying your needs, A&K’s Certified Concrete Coatings Inspector provides a comprehensive evaluation detailing specifications and processes
  • Applications designed for heavy traffic, chemical exposures, and corrosion resistance
  • Coatings that meet strict USDA and FDA requirements
  • High-performance floors required in manufacturing and for heavy equipment exposures
  • Safety zone and directional marking and striping
  • Low and No VOC coatings
  • Extreme duty coatings that protect against impact and abrasion.
  • Decorative design, colors, and patterns

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors completed by A&K provide you with an extremely durable, cost-effective, low maintenance solution.
  • Hard wearing and provides extremely long life expectancy.
  • Due to the coefficient of friction, these floors meet OSHA slip-resistance levels, even when wet.
  • Completed floors can be returned to service immediately.
  • The process is considered sustainable design since it makes use of the materials already present.
  • LEED compliant since there are no coatings and no VOCs.

Polished concrete floors are created using a process of grinding of the surface layer using densifiers, additional grinding using tools with progressively finer grits of diamond grinding blades and wheels, followed by burnishing with diamond polishing pads.

Contact us for accurate pricing to expertly prepare your floors for coatings applications or polished concrete solutions. Our completed work provides long life durability, and protection against virtually any physical and chemical exposure your facility needs to resolve. 


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