Rooftop and Structural Steel Painting

If not properly maintained, structural steel can be a costly replacement

The steel structures on the roof of your facility supports everything from mechanical systems to piping to cooling towers.
When steel is protected and maintained properly, it provides long-term structural durability for architectural elements and operational systems alike. When facility support structures begin to corrode, rust, or weaken, the replacement costs can be extreme.

Protecting your steel structures is the surest way to avoid staggering replacement costs.

For a great resource, Facility Executive published our article on maintaining rooftop steel structures.

How to Prevent Damage to Structural Steel

The surest way to protect your facilities rooftop assets is to perform regular inspections of your facilities exterior steel structures. Catching damage or corrosion before it starts can same your facilities thousands of dollars.

What to look for when conducting a visual inspection:

Fading and Chalking Paint

The first sign of potential damage is fading paint or chalking paint. Once the dexterity of the coatings starts to break down it will fade, flake, or even chip off.

Corrosion and Rust

Early signs of rust or corrosion signify that the integrity of the structure is already starting to weaken. In most cases, this steel is still salvageable. An industrial painting contractor should be able to repair and re-coat if acted upon quickly.

Standing Water

Standing water on a roof near steel braces or footings will only lead to the weakening of support structures. Keeping these areas clean and free of standing water will ensure a longer life for your support systems.

What if You Notice Any Corrosion or Signs of Future Corrosion?

If during inspection you notice any of the above signs, you should consider a site evaluation. A&K has developed a system for surveying and evaluating structural steel elements that will get you on the right path to correct any issues.

Our site survey is comprehensive and will evaluate your facilities immediate needs as well as future items that should be addressed. We will also outline a roadmap so the correction and maintenance of these elements can be easily budgeted.


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