Exterior of Tanks and Elevated Structures

Exteriors of above ground tanks and elevated structures present many special challenges for facility and plant engineers. Rely on A&K’s expertise and experience to provide the solutions you need.

  • Our NACE and SSPC Certified employees provide an in-depth inspection and evaluation of your needs – for asset protection, corrosion detection, and control
  • Preparation and blasting of all types to ready surfaces for coatings
  • Preparation and heavy-duty coatings solutions for storage of oil and gas products, chemical, wet and dry, combustible, and flammable materials
  • Meet and maintain EPA and OSHA regulations, and other State and Federal regulations
  • Safety marking and color coding, signage and identification
  • Corporate branding changes and plant tour detail cleaning and painting
  • Pumping stations, piping and venting lines, associated housings, ladders, stairs, and railings
  • Secondary containment updating and maintenance
  • We excel at handling the challenges of size and location of vertical and horizontal tanks
  • Updating and maintenance of supporting structure and access, egress, and restricted egress
  • Heavy-duty, long-life coating applications that provide splash, spill, and fume-resistance for a majority of fuels and chemicals. They also provide improved color and gloss retention
  • A&K’s qualified and supervised workforce can complete your project to meet your schedule demands
  • Our clients can actively monitor quality control and all elements of their tank and elevated structures projects using A&K’s exclusive JobNet.  JobNet is our proprietary quality control management system.

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