Raleigh and Charlotte Rankings Good for CRE and Construction IndustryRaleigh and Charlotte Top Rankings Good for CRE and Construction

The Human Life Project is a nonprofit organization that encourages cities to invest in families and to identify and reverse negative trends before they become even bigger issues. Every year, this organization takes the 50 largest cities in the U.S. and ranks them according to how family friendly they are; one being the most family friendly, fifty being the least. The rankings are based on a variety of factors including marital status, age demographics, available housing and home prices, unemployment, crime rates, median income, and availability of parks, museums and places of worship. Well, the results are in, and this year, Charlotte was ranked #4 and Raleigh was ranked #1!

This could be great for North Carolina’s state and local economies; since people generally like to feel safe in their environment and secure in their jobs, they might feel more comfortable moving to Raleigh and Charlotte, rather than cities with lower rankings. So, more people means a larger economy, more jobs, more shopping, more housing, more services, more everything! Having these rankings is not only good for families, but it’s good for commercial real estate, retail, construction, and business in general. If you’re a company looking to expand, this might be your opportunity to find some highly qualified employees to grow with you!