Safety Color Coding and Signage


A&K Safety Color Coding and SignageThe use of safety and health color coding, signage and labels enable quick recognition. identifies the classification of hazards and provides a warning of dangers.  Rely on A&K’s Exceptional Attention to Detail to provide the solutions required for your plant and facility safety and health color coding and signage.  

To meet Federal and State regulations, Hazard Communications Standard, and Health and Safety mandates, color coding, signage and labeling must remain clear and easily identifiable.

  • Color and identification schemes to designate the contents in piping systems
  • Equipment and machinery hazards at work areas
  • Location of fire extinguishers
  • First aid kits and eye wash stations
  • Traffic aisle ways
  • Changes in elevation and tripping hazards
  • Bottom edge of overhead doors
  • Top and bottom treads and risers of stairways
  • Meet Hazardous Communication regulations

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