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I need your help in completing these two forms ASAP.

Below are two forms which we use to build your profile web page.

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Thank for Your help!


Form #1 is a Staff Biography Type form

Staff Bio Info Submittal Form

Please fill in the form as completely as possible. The information will be used on updated contact information pages.
  • Please enter a brief description of your work experience/history that is relevant to your current position, i.e., list years of work experience leading up to current position, past work experience, positions, etc..
  • Please enter formal education, school or college attended and any degrees, special certification attained, etc.
  • Please quote any letters or emails of praise sent to you by our customers, calling out the great service the A&K Team provided, thank yous for specific above and beyond service, etc.

STOP – Before proceeding, please click the submit button above for the first form
before continuing to form #2.  Thank you.



Form #2 has to do with your favorite A&K completed projects and any associations you participate in on behalf of A&K.

Meet Our Team - A&K Showcase Projects and Trade Associations

We're collecting more information to use with the updating of your staff profile on the
Meet Our Team webpage. Please take a few minutes to complete this short form.
  • Please list a completed A&K project you were involved in and very proud of.
    It is understood that new employees will likely not have a favorite project.
  • Please list a second completed A&K project you were involved in and very proud of.
  • Please list Certifications you hold and any Trade Associations and Affiliations
    you are currently and directly involved with. Those that are relevant to our market
    will be listed (as appropriate), and linked to in your profile on the Meet Our Team webpage.
    If none, please enter 'none'.