Wallcovering Removal and Substrate Repair

Improper preparation and incorrect wallcovering installation can create a nightmare when wallcovering needs to be removed. Rely on our expertise to save the day.

Wallcovering removal becomes necessary for a number of reasons.  When new wallcovering can’t be hung over old layers, or design changes to painted finish or other decorative finish require wallcovering removal, A&K provides the expertise.  There may be minor repair to the surface once wallcovering is removed. Some projects require complete resurfacing due to improper priming and sealing of dry wall surfaces by a previous wallcovering installer.

  • complete wallcovering removal and resurfacing solutions
  • substrate repairs and resurfacing
  • complete preparation ready for new finish applications
  • clean and efficient work by wallcovering experts

We can solve your wallcovering removal problems today!