Why Do Your Industrial Facility Floors Need Painted Safety Markings?

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Industrial facilities are often large, open, and full of expensive, specialized equipment and materials—some of which can pose serious safety hazards. While managers and seasoned employees are likely to be familiar with the location of important or hazardous areas, other employees and VIP visitors are unlikely to be able to find their way around your facility reliably. Worse, a facility without floor markings creates a greater risk of someone accidentally wandering into an unsafe area and getting hurt on the job.

An easy solution?

Painting and maintaining floor markings are a simple way to keep your workers and visitors safe, while also making your facility easier to navigate and more efficient.

The Benefits of Using Painted Floor Markings

There are plenty of benefits to adding painted floor markings to your factory, industrial facility, or warehouse. Just to name a few, you can look forward to:

  • Improved production
  • Easier navigation
  • Safer working environment
  • More professional appeal

Facilities with painted floor markings are showing their commitment to keeping their employees and others safe. They also frequently see an increase in production, thanks to carefully delineated boundaries, work areas, and material storage areas. If you’ve been searching for a way to help your employees streamline their work, painted floor markings should be high on your list of options to try.

Why Choose Floor Marking Paint Over Floor Tape Striping?

Floor striping typically uses tape to create safety markings on floors. While tape is appropriate for use in some areas, paint usually lasts longer. And, unlike tape, paint isn’t as easily damaged, lifted, or removed by heavy machinery, such as forklifts.

If your factory, industrial facility, or warehouse sees a lot of wear and tear on the floors from heavy foot traffic, vehicles, machinery, or other equipment, floor striping might not be the best option for you. Consult with a professional industrial painter to see if they recommend floor marking paint and to learn more about the options available to you. They can often provide insight you might not have considered and offer creative solutions.

Working With a Professional Team Matters

As a facility manager, you know the importance of working with quality people who use quality materials. You don’t want to waste your budget on a project that doesn’t meet your standards, move you toward your production goals, or keep your employees safe.

Do your research and choose an industrial painting contractor who takes pride in what they do and has the experience to back up their work.

The pros at A&K Painting are equipped to handle any hazard-warning or tour-detail projects you have planned for your facility. After a thorough consultation, they can create a detailed plan and budget for getting your project completed. Thanks to flexible scheduling, they can even schedule their work around your production times to limit intrusions and keep your facility running smoothly. Coupled with quick turnaround times, you can expect to have your facility up and running and looking great fast.

Reach out today to schedule your consultation and learn how you can keep your employees safe and your facility efficient with painted floor markings.