A&K Painting Color Design Pros

Companies are beginning to forego the traditional cubicle style offices, and instead choosing to create open and shared spaces, since they will require much less real estate needed per worker, therefore increasing their overall profits.  Many employees that work in these types of offices believe it’s the combination of flexibility and functionality that make them work so well.  Even employees that work remotely prefer the openness of these offices to their own home and according to a Business Insider article, “72 percent of workers said that an office is the best place to interact with colleagues and access tools and technology”.  So these collaboration-driven offices are not only great for improving a company’s bottom line, but also for the well-being of the employees.

Companies do however, need someone to develop and create ideas, so that these open, airy offices can come to life.  This is where design professionals and A&K Painting Company come in; design professionals will provide ideas and sketches of how an office can potentially look and feel, and A&K Painting Company will make those ideas happen.  We have many years of repaint experience, transforming spaces from tired and old into fresh and new, and we can provide vitality and energy through custom finishes and office layouts.  A&K Painting Company can bring new life into a business environment by recreating an office space to meet a company’s particular needs.  In doing so, national award winning A&K Painting Company can positively affect the company’s bottom line and potentially improve the well-being of their employees in the process.