Zolatone and Scuffmaster

We add amazing design and color solutions to your projects while providing outstanding performance and durability.  From high profile architectural elements design needs to high traffic areas needing extreme durability, we have multicolor, pearls, stone looks, metallic and brushed metallic design coatings that take the place of ordinary paint.

Zolatone Multicolor Finishes

  • Great looking designer effect adds visual interest
  • Wide selection of textures and colors 
  • Every Zolatone product contributes toward satisfying LEED credit EQ 4.2
  • Stone looks, Pearls and Metallics
  • Glow in the Dark Designer Finish
    Designer finishes in normal lighting goes to Glow in the Dark

Pretty. Tough. Paint.™

  • Scratch resistance, stain resistance and durability
  • All Scuffmaster Finishes Contribute to LEED Credit EQ 4.2
  • Pretty finishes for high profile feature spaces and architectural details
  • Tough finishes for high-traffic areas that require extreme durability