Case Study: Regional Banking Chain

About the Project

Multi-Location – North Carolina

A&K Services:
Interior Paint | Wall Covering Replacement | Commercial Repaint | Rebranding

Very Specific Requirements

This banking chain was in need of a painting contractor that could meet very specific requirements:

  • No downtime with zero disruptions to business
  • Remove all wall coverings and paint while leaving no trace the following day
  • Secure, responsible, and trustworthy to work in a banking center

Why They Chose A&K Painting

A&K Painting was the ideal contractor for this client. A&K possesses an extensive background working with financial institutions for their commercial painting projects. A&K has partnered with several banks for rebranding projects, renovations, and interior & exterior painting. A few highlights:

  • A&K Painting has completed 250+ bank renovation projects
  • A&K Painting was responsible for the project that rebranded Wachovia bank branches to Wells Fargo locations
  • Bank of America trusted A&K Painting to completed over 100 exterior renovations for banking centers throughout the east coast

They choose A&K Painting because of their ability to meet all of these requirements as well as our history of delivering in the financial sector.

Zero Disruptions: Pulling the Night Shift

These branches were fully operational when A&K began work on the project. Due to this fact, the rebranding project was under no circumstances allowed to cause any disruption to the daily operations of the facility. The bank did not want to disturb their customers or employees.

To ensure that we met the requirements for no downtime, A&K worked around the bank’s schedule. Our staff and crew completed all work after hours and through the night. This scheduling allowed us to work discreetly and without interruption.

Building Trust: Access & Security

Because of the requirement to work at night, the client needed to fully trust their contractor.  A&K Painting coordinated with branch officers on a very precise schedule and key system.  This system allowed A&K to enter the premises, complete work, and exit without triggering any alarms or security systems.  

Leaving No Trace: Clean In – Clean Out

The largest success to this project was A&K Paintings ability to complete work every night as if no contractor had been on site at all. The bank required zero disruption of service, but also required A&K to leave the branch in the same condition it was in the previous day.

Every night A&K crews had to setup the site, remove current wall coverings, applied multiple layers of new coatings, reset all furniture and fixtures, then completely clean up before the start of shifts the next morning.  Even with this added daily reset, A&K was able to complete each branch in less than 3 weeks. 

Project Communication: JobNet

JobNet is A&K Painting’s proprietary software that acts as a communication tool between A&K Painting and our clients. Everyday, summary reports and photos are uploaded to JobNet and emailed directly to clients in an easy to read project link.

Project details include:

  • Area of work performed
  • Work performed
  • Plan for the next day
  • Start/End time
  • Crew on site

The Final Result

A&K Painting was able to complete these projects while maintaining the requirement to leave no trace and zero disruptions to daily operations at each branch.

Upon completion of this project these branches now had a clean and tidy appearance.  Not only did the branches have a fresh finish, they also matched all the other branches throughout the state that had gone through the rebranding process.  

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