High Bay Cleaning and Painting

When your facility’s high ceilings, walls, and structure have a buildup of dust, dirt, or soot, contact an A&K representative.

Time and the combination of other elements can change what once was a clean, bright, light reflective surface. Humidity, high temperatures, lack of air filtering, and particulates in the air from manufacturing all have a negative impact.

  • Dramatically improve lighting reflectivity to improve your team’s productivity
  • Cleaning and painting prior to health and safety inspections
  • Cleaning and repairs in preparation for plant and office tours
  • Incremental project scheduling to meet budget needs
  • Active project safety management
  • A&K’s trained and supervised personnel can work around the clock to meet your needs and minimize disruption and down time in your facility
  • A&K’s JobNet is our proprietary quality control management system. JobNet provides you up to date project management reports when you want them

Rely on A&K’s exceptional attention to detail to complete your high bay cleaning and painting. We transform the look and reflectivity of your facility!


A&K Painting Company is a total service commercial and industrial painting contractor with headquarters located in Charlotte, NC. 

We make our client’s projects more successful and safe. We’re known for delivering exceptional customer service, award-winning projects and safety management. We provide service throughout the east coast of the United States.

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