High Performance Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring solutions for your industrial facility from A&K Painting

Investing in high-performance flooring is a necessity when it comes to protecting
high-traffic areas inside industrial and commercial facilities. A&K Painting offers durable, long lasting epoxy floor coatings that fit your unique facility needs. Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for chemical plants, food & beverage manufacturers, and any other industrial facility type.

More than 10 times thicker than traditional paint, epoxy can last for years while
providing a high-strength, no chip flooring. Its inherent high traction properties reduce the risk of slips and falls while preventing water, mold, & mildew damage as well as absorbing shock, blunt force, and even chemical abrasion.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

A&K Painting offers multiple types of epoxy flooring solutions, each with their own purpose and benefits to fit your specific needs. To find the ideal coating, our team of professionals will discuss the different options with you to choose the best flooring solution for your unique facility.

Standard Two Part Epoxy

The standard two-part epoxy paint coating system is widely used in industrial capacities
for its protective nature, ensuring a durable, strong floor coating that will withstand high-volume traffic, machinery, chemicals, and more.

100% Solids Heavy Duty Epoxy

The most durable of the epoxy options, 100% solids flooring can last for 20+ years while resisting chemicals, stains, and abrasion. It receives its name due to the fact that it retains 100% of its body after curing, unlike water based epoxy that evaporates. This results in an extremely thick and even coat that withstands heavy duty equipment and machinery.

Epoxy Mortar Systems

Mixed with graded sand and 100% solids epoxy, Epoxy Mortar is a high strength, impact resistant system that serves as a durable solution to absorb shock or instant force in heavy machinery areas.

Epoxy Novolac systems – High chemical resistance

A two-part epoxy, Epoxy Novolac is a 100% solids with a high chemical resistance perfect for commercial properties with a high exposure to toxins and heavy chemicals.

Urethane mortar

Urethane mortar floor coatings are used for its versatility. Urethane mortar is ideal for facilities such as Food and Beverage due to its high thermal stability. This floor coating is also ideal in manufacturing facilities due to its high chemical resistance.

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What Epoxy Flooring is Right for Your Facility?

Epoxy flooring is an essential addition to most industrial properties. Offering a long-term solution and protection to high traffic areas, Epoxy provides a safe and durable solution to flooring concerns.

Industrial facilities such as chemical plants, food & beverage suppliers, pharmaceutical  manufacturers, and more will find that Epoxy flooring serves as the most reliable, durable, and low maintenance flooring solution to protect floors against wear and tear from machinery, equipment, and chemical spills.

Through an efficient application process, Epoxy flooring is in service almost immediately
after a job is complete. Our reliable and professional staff ensures a seamless transition
to get your facility up and running as soon as possible.

Why Choose A&K?

For 25+ years, A&K Painting has been trusted by hundreds of industrial facilities across the Carolinas to provide functional, long term solutions to our clients’ painting and flooring needs. Our team of professionals are experts in finding the best possible solution for your unique facility, tailoring our services to match your short term and long term flooring needs.

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