12 Areas an Industrial Painter Can Work at Your Facility

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Managing and maintaining an industrial facility requires facility managers to juggle several moving parts, budget details, and line up experts and professionals who can perform services like painting, equipment maintenance, safety striping, and more. The good news is that you only need to find one professional team to handle all of your upcoming maintenance projects, because a qualified industrial painting can cover all the bases—and cover them well.

At A&K Painting, we understand that you’re managing a range of tasks to keep your industrial facility up and running smoothly. That’s why we’ve simplified the process of completing those tasks by providing a variety of industrial maintenance solutions, from painting interior and exterior walls, maintaining machinery, striping floors, and more.

12 Project Areas Your Industrial Painter Can Assist With

A good industrial painter can do more than paint. We provide a range of solutions for a variety of needs, including:

Exterior Walls

From painting, priming and resurfacing exterior facility walls to creating eye-catching accent pieces, your industrial painter can complete a variety of painting projects on your facility’s exterior walls.

Interior Walls

Interior walls are what you and your staff see every day, so making sure they’re in good condition should be a priority. We can paint corridors and other high-traffic areas, then add protection to make sure they aren’t easily scuffed or damaged.

Docks and Receiving Areas

Projects here might include adding new, stronger bollards for additional protection, as well as installing new bay doors and painting safety striping in receiving areas.

Manufacturing Areas

Many manufacturing areas include a variety of equipment, such as conveyor systems, structural steel, and other expensive machinery. Your industrial painter can complete equipment painting projects, maintenance, and protective coatings to help your investments last longer and get more use.

Offices and Administrative Areas

If your offices and administrative areas could use some updating, your industrial painter can help. We can add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, install dry-erase systems in offices, and refresh doorways and trim with your color of choice.

Warehousing and Distribution

These areas see a lot of traffic, so why not make them look presentable? Your industrial painter can paint the ceilings, walls, doors, and trim to help create an environment your employees feel comfortable in.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are often the first impression employees and visitors have of your facility, so make sure it’s up to par. Your industrial painter can provide fresh striping and pavement markings. They can also help with reorganization if you’ve been struggling to create more space.

Flooring Systems

Industrial facilities are tough on floors, which is why we offer a variety of systems that can stand up to heavy use and high traffic. Whether you want concrete, epoxy, or another high-performance flooring system, we can help.


Doors can get expensive, and many require expert knowledge to install safely and correctly. Your industrial painter can do this for you and install both man doors and overhead doors.

Hazardous Materials

Industrial facilities must meet a variety of safety codes and requirements. Part of those is maintaining a robust secondary containment system, which your industrial painter can help with.

Rooftop Areas

Though these areas aren’t usually checked on very often, they do require regular maintenance to stay safe and in working order. Your industrial painter can care for any structural steel, pipe bridges, and mechanical supports that need attention.


Need help getting to those hard-to-reach areas? Your industrial painter can perform high-bay cleaning and ceiling painting projects with ease.

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