Dry Erase Walls and Surfaces More Popular Than Ever

A&K Painting provides a canvas for brainstorming and finding solutions.

Dry erase walls and other surfaces, like tables and work surfaces, continue to gain in use and popularity.  They promote a better means to get ideas out, work on solutions and actively see the big picture; particularly when working with fellow team members as well as working by yourself. Getting rid of the tired white board look and gaining whole walls and table tops to work on, to brainstorm, plan and find solutions provides a great benefit for your people and company.

We have many options available that fit most needs.  Visit our Dry Erase Solutions page for ideas. We’re experts at both presentation coatings and wallcoverings.  In fact, we have Dry Erase solutions on walls and sections of walls throughout our own offices and at our Operations Training Showroom. Contact us today to learn more and bring our expertise to your workplaces.  We have solutions for offices, hospital and medical building or production and manufacturing facilities.  We have many design options too.  Not just white. Think design colors and patterns, and lined and grid patterns solutions perfect for educational settings, classrooms and labs.

Today’s Wall Street Journal story about Evernote’s Silicon Valley office building highlights one of the products we use called IdeaPaint, an excellent dry erase coating.  Evernote’s complex utilizes dry erase solutions throughout, in offices, conference rooms and common areas. Unfortunately the full WSJ article is in the subscriber protected area otherwise we’d link to it.  Here are two photos of the Evernote offices.

Photo of Evernote's Offices and their use of Dry Erase coatings on office and common area walls

From the WSJ Article
The whiteboard has three chief virtues: It’s fast. It’s easy to use. And it’s big. “We’re often doing something I call ‘designing in the hallway,’ ” said Jamie Hull, the product manager for Evernote’s iOS apps. “When a new problem or request comes up, the fastest thing you can do is pull two or three people aside, go to the nearest wall, and figure it out.” Unlike a computer or phone, the whiteboard is always on, always fully charged, and it doesn’t require that people download, install, and launch software to begin using it.

Update on EPA’s Lead Paint in Commercial and Public Buildings

HHCU EPA logos

As a North Carolina Certified Lead-Based Paint Firm, A&K Painting received a letter from the North Carolina Department of Health and human Services, Division of Public Health, regarding new Federal changes to the EPA RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) Rules.  The changes impact public and commercial buildings as previously reported in our blog and on our RRP Resource page – specifically renovations, repairs and painting of those types of buildings.

The letter identified that the EPA is seeking additional comments for determining whether renovation, repair and painting activities on public and commercial buildings “might also” create lead-based paint hazards.  The EPA has re-opened the comment period to allow for additional data and other information to be submitted by the public and other interested stakeholders.  The comment period runs through July 12, 2013.  The HHCU is encouraging everyone who may be impacted by EPA implementing such new requirements to submit comments.

Additionally, the EPA is holding a public meeting on June 26, 2013 regarding the expansion of the RRP Rules to include public and commercial buildings.

Read the HHCU letter

Review A&K Painting Company’s RRP Resource Information

Access the Associated General Contractors of America – Commercial Properties Coalition Comments to the EPA
A coalition letter signed by 22 trade organizations whose members are involved in almost every facet of commercial and multifamily property development, ownership, management, contracting, and building product supply — including the major national real estate organizations, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business.  The Coalition letter questions the lack of Lead-Paint data for Public and Commercial Buildings and stresses unless the EPA demonstrates that hazards exist linked to renovation work that additional  rules are unwarranted  Source: AGC

A Relationship You Can Trust


More than just a tagline, A&K Painting Company was built on a foundation of trust, passion and commitment, and we strive to provide our customers with these same values in all our relationships and projects.  These values are evident in our team and translated into our excellent attention to detail when performing quality control and project management.

Our knowledgeable team provides guidance for our customers from the pricing stage, through project completion and beyond; and when a project is completed, our customers can be positive that no detail was overlooked, because our team will inspect all projects to make sure everything was performed to the highest quality.  The service does not stop after quality control, however; our exceptional team members will follow up with all customers after the project is done to make sure they are happy and satisfied with the results.  And just because a project is completed doesn’t mean the relationship ends; we value building lasting relationships that you can trust well beyond project completion.

The Pace of Business is On the Rise


Business challenges we all face when responding to change.

Research by Progress Software/Economist Intelligence research showed some interesting statistics regarding the shifting business landscape around us.  The statistics show that the pace of business is the on the rise, and the top three factors causing this change over the past five years are the volatile economic environment, increased competition and a fast-changing regulatory environment. Unfortunately, businesses have barriers to overcome to react to the fast pace, including lack of resources, lack of coordination and inaccurate or incomplete data. Take a look at their infographic.

Most importantly, an overwhelming 53% of people believe leadership is ineffective in making the right decisions about how or when to respond to change.  Fortunately, we can all overcome these challenges by incorporating strong leadership, effective flow of information and keeping accurate and up-to-date data.