The Importance of Planning Commercial Painting Projects Early
A&K Painting
August 16, 2022

Get a Head Start on Your Commercial Paint Project Planning

A&K Painting Company covers the importance of planning painting projects early in this post. Specifically, we discuss:

As a commercial facility or property manager, it’s important to stay on top of your building’s maintenance needs. Not only are paint projects necessary for improving your building’s aesthetic, but it’s also critical for ensuring employee safety and ensuring equipment & structural longevity.

Knowing when to plan projects is something that many facility & property managers struggle with. By taking the time to understand when is the best time to plan your commercial painting project, you’ll be able to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with last-minute service requests.

Benefits of Planning Paint Projects Early

Early planning is the key to ensuring your property never goes without the maintenance it needs. The following are just some of the benefits that facility managers stand to gain with proper and advanced planning:

  • Budget: Planning your commercial painting needs well in advance helps ensure you take advantage of the full budget you’ve been allotted for maintenance during the year. Otherwise, you could end up losing out on the budget you had saved for such projects until the new year.
  • Supply: It’s no secret that the paint industry has been hit particularly hard by supply chain shortages. By planning your project needs early, you’ll be able to get in front of price and supply chain issues that may negatively impact your project should you choose to wait it out.
  • Product: Again, paint shortages have made it increasingly challenging for contractors to obtain specialty paint products in a short period of time. Planning early helps ensure you have the exact coatings needed for your building so you can avoid project delays.

When to Plan Commercial Paint Projects

Paint project needs for commercial facilities tend to be seasonal in nature. Depending on the time of year, certain projects make more sense to complete than others. Right now, we are in Q3, and the weather is still good enough to continue most outdoor painting projects. During this time, facility managers should schedule a walkthrough with their contractors to review next year’s project budget and prioritize needs accordingly.

This is also a good time to request any last-minute projects and start thinking about the project timeline for the winter season. Be sure that when you create this plan, you are making the most effective use of any time and budget remaining for the year.

How to Plan for Your Commercial Painting Needs

Planning out your building’s maintenance budget is a difficult task to tackle alone. At A&K Painting Company, our commercial painting contractors are well-versed in helping facility managers plan out their annual painting project needs. Allow our team to help you stay on-track with all of your painting projects by requesting a site visit with our commercial painting professionals today.

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