Cleaning and Prepping Rusted Structures in Your Industrial Facility

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Industrial structures and equipment are exposed to more natural wear and tear than similar structures in less-demanding facilities. Depending on what your industrial facility produces, its equipment might be exposed to the elements, chemical spills, high traffic, and frequent use—in addition to the normal wear and tear associated with age.

So, what should you when you notice that some of your industrial structures and equipment are starting to rust and corrode? Your first step should be finding an experienced industrial painting contractor to come in and evaluate your facility and the structures and equipment in question. They’ll be able to provide a detailed analysis of their condition and lay out a plan of action for restoring your industrial facility to like-new condition.

Why Choose Protective Coatings Instead of Replacement?

Choosing to recoat a rusted or corroded structure or piece of equipment in your industrial or manufacturing facility comes with benefits.

First, you’ll be saving money. Facility equipment painting extends its life, which means you don’t have to make room in the budget for repairs and replacements.

Second, a freshly sandblasted and recoated piece of equipment both updates and uplifts the appearance of your facility. If you frequently provide facility tours, you’ll be proud to show off your painted or coated structures and equipment.

What Are the Steps for Preparing Rusted Equipment for a Fresh Coating?

The methods for preparing structures and equipment for a fresh layer of paint or a new protective coating largely depends on the type of equipment and your facility. An experienced contractor can provide personalized solutions for hard-to-reach areas and be flexible with scheduling so as to minimize the impact on production.

Typically, the prep process includes:

  • Cleaning the surface: This can include cleaning by hand, water or chemical cleaning, and abrasive (sand) blasting.
  • Applying a primer: This is a necessary step before applying the final coating, as it can affect the curing process.

Once the cleaning has been completed and the primer has dried, the final coating can be applied.

Why You Should Always Work With a Professional Contractor

We’ve all heard the anecdotes about working with a handyman who said he could complete that project you’ve been wanting to get done, only to be disappointed with the finished product. In the worst-case scenario, that finished project ended up costing you more money when you had to bring in a professional to fix it.

Skip that step when it comes to your industrial or manufacturing facility and choose an experienced and professional industrial contractor right off the bat. Doing so will save you time, have a lower impact on production, and assure a finished product that’s done correctly the first time.

Your professional industrial contractor will work around your schedule to ensure the preparation process for your rusted or corroded equipment is completed correctly. You can also count on them to follow the correct procedure for applying paint and protective coatings to maximize their effectiveness and extend the life of your equipment and structures.

Choose A&K Painting for Your Next Industrial Painting Project

Before you give up on your rusted or corroded industrial structures and equipment, consider working with A&K Painting to clean, prep, and recoat your equipment. Doing so can give it a second life, while also improving the appearance of your facility.

We’ll work with you to complete the coating project so it has a minimal impact on production and deliver a finished product that’s done right the first time.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can prep your rusted and corroded equipment for a fresh protective coating.