Commercial Property Paint Maintenance Checklist

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Improve the look of your commercial facility by maximizing paint life

The appearance of your commercial facility amounts to one very important thing: curb appeal. Without it, you risk putting off potential customers and sending the wrong message to your existing clients. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference, and regularly maintaining it to keep it looks nice shows that you value your investments.

Make sure your investment in that brand-new paint job lasts the test of time. It’ll stay looking great for longer, true, but it will also save you the time and money involved in completing the project all over again. Keep reading to learn how you can keep your commercial facility’s paint job looking fresh and new.

Hire Professionals to Make Sure It’s Done Right

Keeping the interior and exterior paint at your commercial facility looking great will always be easier when you start with a perfect product. Professional commercial painters will prep, prime, and paint your space properly, ensuring you don’t have any blemishes, drips, or cracks to deal with as soon as they leave.

Choose the Right Paint for the Space

When you work with a commercial painting company, they’ll help you make smart decisions about the types of paint you should use in your commercial space. Choosing an interior or exterior paint should be easy, but will a flat paint or a high-gloss paint work better for your needs? Should you invest in a stain- or mold-resistant paint? These are all questions your professional painting partner can help you answer.

Dust Regularly

Buildup is common in commercial spaces—particularly those with high-traffic areas. Regularly dust your walls to remove that buildup and prevent any stains from developing and ruining the paint. For best results, use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Use Paint-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

For stubborn grime or buildup, try using a paint-friendly cleaning solution to wipe it away. Your painters can likely recommend a product, but always make sure to patch test in a hidden area beforehand. That bit of extra caution can help prevent accidents in case the cleaning product isn’t so paint-friendly after all.

Pressure Wash or Air Blast Your Walls

Some high-performance paints commonly used in commercial facilities can stand up to tougher cleaning methods, like pressure washing or air blasting. These techniques won’t be the best option for every facility, but exterior walls and warehouse walls can usually benefit from them.

This type of cleaning works best when completed by professionals. Air blasting, especially, requires protective gear and air filters to handle the dust that gets kicked up.

Prevent Damage From Happening in the First Place

Installing preventive measures is a great, simple way to protect your walls from scuff marks, dings, gouges and punctures. Make sure to place door stoppers at every door, and consider installing rubber buffers or wainscoting to protect common “kick” areas. If you’re in an office, chair rails are something to consider.

Repair Damage Quickly

If you do notice your walls showing signs of damage, repair them quickly. Your painters might offer a warranty, or you can touch up the paint yourself. Just make sure to ask your painters to leave behind an extra bucket or two after they complete the job. Not only will keeping up with damage and touchups keep your commercial facility looking great, but you’ll show your clients and customers that you’re willing to put in the work to put your best face forward.

Professionals will maximize your paint’s longevity

Maintaining a perfect canvas will always be easier than trying to make a mediocre one look great, so make sure you hire professional commercial painters to complete your project. They’ll leave you with a quality finished product that can be maintained easily and kept looking great for longer. To maximize the longevity of your paint job, make sure to clean it regularly and install preventive measures to minimize damage. In the end, you’ll have a product that lasts.