Increase Productivity in your Facility up to 15%

Scientific Study Shows Improved lighting can increase productivity

The scientists at Zumbotel Research studied the effects of changing room light on the productivity of shift workers at industrial facilities. This study is impactful for A&K painting. We are always looking for ways to improve facilities, increase productivity, and make lives better for facility managers. Below is a summary of the study and their findings.

What Was Studied

Light is a decisive factor in improving working conditions, visual conditions, as well as biological functions such as improved attitude and better sleep patterns.
The aim of the study was to quantify the change in light brightness (Illumination), light color (Spectrum), and light distribution (Luminance). The researchers studied the productivity before and after the change.

What They Found

Light does have an influence on working people. Positive effects were shown by increasing the static illuminance. While the amount of production increase varies, there is a correlation between the increase in luminance, measured in LUX Value, and the increase in productivity, measured in output percentage.
As you can see in the figure below, productivity increases as the illuminance in the facility increases:

How A&K Improves Your Luminance Rating

A good way to improve your overall LUX value is to clean and paint their facility ceiling. Using a brighter and more reflective color will help the distance your current lighting system can cover. As the study shows, this increase in illumination and light distribution increases the overall production output, but by how much? We at A&K have measured the LUX value increase after new facility ceiling painting. We have shown on average an increase in LUX value of up to 200 Units. Based on the study, that increase in LUX Value can result in a potential 15% boost in productivity.

Let’s Review Your Options

If you would like an A&K specialist to review your options and evaluate how to get the best lighting through industrial painting solutions, feel free to reach out today.