Painting Non-Standard Commercial Accents

When it comes to painting commercial buildings, we’ve seen it all. From the standard items like interior and exterior walls, door frames and ceilings to non-standard items that not every commercial space has to worry about. No matter what your commercial space requires as far as painting, we can help! Here are some common nonstandard accents we can cover.

Parking Garage Elevator Lobby Levels

If you’ve ever parked in a parking garage and forgotten which level you left your car on, this is a painting accent you’ll probably appreciate. Commercial buildings with access to a parking garage should consider painting the elevator lobbies different colors to help visitors remember exactly where they parked their car.

When choosing colors, consider using shades from your branded materials—or go with eye-catching, unique colors so they’re easy to remember.

Screens and Grates

Not every piece of scenery around your commercial property will be a visual masterpiece—things like dumpsters, pipes, roofs and more can be less-than-pleasing to the eyes. But a creatively places screen or grate and a coat of paint can disguise these unsightly elements. A protective paint coating can also help prevent exterior elements from rusting and prematurely aging.

EV Spaces

Parking spaces for electric vehicles have a growing a demand—and a lack of city ordinances to define what they should look like. Finding a way to paint these spaces so their purpose is obvious is an important step. Green and white paint colors are popular for these spaces, especially when paired with other signage.

Safety Markings

Not every commercial property is responsible for managing a parking lot, but those that are need to keep safety in mind. Make sure to paint parking lot stripes, curbs, and other areas.

Safety markings should also be a priority in interior spaces, such as warehouses. Add floor striping and more indicate safe zones.

Corner Guard Replacements

Corner guards are especially popular in tower buildings that have recently repainted corridors. Adding these types of guards protects walls from dings, scratches, and other types of damage that can shorten the lifespan of a recent paint job.

Joint Sealing and Caulking

Similar to corner guards, joint sealing and caulking provides an extra layer of protection to extend the lifespan of your project and help you get more value out of it before it’s time for maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Floor Polishing & Concrete (Maintenance Free)

Floors might not immediately come to mind when you think of nonstandard commercial accents, but they’re an important element to keep in mind when updating or maintaining your space. Regular floor polishing can help your floors last longer and keep them looking great—which will be more appealing to your customers.

You might also want to consider switching your floors to maintenance-free concrete. Concrete is cost-effective, tough, and attractive when used in conjunction with floor coatings like epoxy.

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