5 Things to Do to Before for Your Employees’ Return to the Office

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Many offices and commercial spaces around the Charlotte area are preparing for their employees to return to work. That might be a full return, staggered, A/B days, rotating schedules—no matter how a return to the office looks for your business, you should take into consideration that most offices have been sitting vacant for quite a while. Besides needing a good cleaning, they probably need a refresh of common touchpoints.

Although not a new term, touchpoint painting is being requested more and more frequently as businesses and properties prepare for employee return.

What is a touchpoint?

A touchpoint is an area in a public or private building that receives constant, regular, or excessive physical touching. Touchpoints are typically in high traffic areas and one of the most noticeable features in these areas.

Why is painting touchpoints becoming more and more popular?

Refreshing common touchpoints accomplishes two things. First, it provides a nice visual appearance and makes these touchpoints look new. Second, it provides a finished surface that is easier to clean and disinfect.

Common Touchpoints

Bonus Tip: Make the Whole Experience Memorable!

Parking lots, curbs, and parking decks are often the first thing your employees see when they arrive at work. A fresh coat of paint on exterior parking areas is a simple way to set the tone and prepare your employees for a good day.

While some employees might be eager to return to the office, others will be reluctant to leave their homes and get out of their pajamas for work—no judgment here! You can help make that return to the office a little easier by adding a personal touch.

Decorate with balloons and welcome-back signage, and consider leaving a personalized card on everyone’s desks. Anything you can do to make the transition special and personal will have a huge impact on employee morale.

Change Can Be Difficult, But We Can Help You Make It a Little Easier

Try our tips above if you’ve been searching for ways to make your employees’ return to the office memorable. Change isn’t always easy, and transitioning to a different workspace (again) won’t be seamless for every employee, but you can help to make your office more welcoming by bringing in A&K Painting for a refreshed look.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare your office or commercial space for your employees’ return. We look forward to speaking with you!