What You Should Know About Painting Your Commercial Building

Are you starting to think your commercial building could use a facelift? If the cracked and peeling paint on its exterior walls and the flaking trim on the interior are starting to make you wonder if business might improve with a little update, it could be time to talk to a commercial painting contractor.

The Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Building

Repainting your business’s space comes with plenty of benefits, and you might just be surprised by what a fresh coat of paint can do.

If it’s been a while since your business got a fresh coat of paint, a professionally applied coat in an updated color can totally transform how potential customers view your business. If you’re thinking about renewing or revamping your brand, a drastic color change can help to drive home and solidify that shift for customers. But if you’re simply looking to refresh your building’s exterior or interior, a new coat in the same color or in a similar shade will work just as well.

No matter which colors you go for, your customers will appreciate the effort you put into making your business look great. Your new look could help generate new customers and also makes a great subject for online images and other marketing materials.

What You Should Know Before Starting Your Painting Project

There are three main things you should think about before finding a commercial painting contractor and starting your painting project.

What is your budget?

How much money do you want to put into your painting project? Do you just want to focus on the exterior? The interior? Both? Would you like to have the walls, trim, and ceilings painted? Think about how much painting the project will cover, and plan your budget accordingly.

What is your ideal timeline?

Once you know how much of your building you’d like to have painted, start thinking about a timeline. Does your business have a slow season coming up? That would be the perfect time to start a new project. But if your busy season is coming up, it might be wise to wait until things slow down to start a new painting project.

How will painting impact daily operations?

Will your commercial building being painted impact the businesses within the building? Can your commercial painting contractor work around their schedule to minimize the impact on those businesses? Keep the impact in mind when you’re scheduling the painting project.

Get an Estimate for the Cost of the Painting Project

After figuring out your budget and what you can comfortably afford to spend, calculate the square footage of the areas being painted and compare your calculations to those of the contractors who provided quotes and estimates for the project. If you find any discrepancies, ask about them!
What Info Will Commercial Painting Contractors Need for a Quote?
When you start talking to commercial painting contractors about your project, make sure to inform them of the following:

  • Any specific colors you want
  • Any branding requirements
  • Any health and safety standards specific to your commercial building

Once they have this info, they’ll be able to provide a more accurate quote.

Always Work With a Professional Commercial Painting Contractor

Working with a professional often makes all the difference in how satisfied you are with the finished product. Professionals like those at A&K Painting will make sure to properly prepare your space for painting—including applying painter’s tape, hanging drip sheets, and priming surfaces—and apply as many coats as needed for an even finish. They’ll also work with you to complete the project in a timely fashion and minimize the impact on business operations.

Want to learn more about how A&K Painting can help you complete your upcoming commercial painting project? Reach out to us today!