A&K Painting and Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Sanette Tanaka explains the importance of paint names, by sharing some interesting statistics from The Sherwin-Williams Co.  According to Sherwin-Williams, two word paint names, such as Wall Street and Stolen Kiss, make up approximately 61 percent of paint colors and 71 percent of gallon sales, while one word paint names only make up approximately 35 percent of paint colors and 26 percent of gallon sales.  Paint names with three words or more make up the smallest percentage with only roughly 3 percent of paint colors and 2.5 percent of gallon sales.

Jackie Jordan, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, creates the paint names and believes that people like to have an association with a particular color.  This is also why Sherwin-Williams chooses creative names, so that an emotional bond is formed between consumers and the paint hues.

At A&K Painting Company, we use multiple paint vendors, including Sherwin-Williams. We understand the importance of paint colors and the positive impact they provide.  Our team of employees and our vendors continually focus on providing superior customer service to assure satisfaction.