Know Your Painting Contractor: What are Avetta & ISN Memberships?
A&K Painting
September 15, 2022

Find Out What It Means to Be Certified by Avetta & ISN

In this article, A&K Painting Company uncovers the importance of being Avetta® and ISN® compliant. We’ll discuss:

Safety and compliance are two of the most important concepts for many of the property and facility managers we serve. As such, it’s critical that they hire maintenance painters that can demonstrate their commitment in each of these areas through certification.

Avetta® and ISNetworld® are two prestigious organizations that are dedicated to ensuring safety and compliance across a broad spectrum of contractors and vendors — including maintenance painters. Becoming certified by each of these organizations is a complex process and requires ongoing compliance from certified contractors in order to uphold their status.

What is Avetta?

Avetta is an organization that helps enterprises assess and mitigate risk by vetting vendors and contractors through their stringent pre-qualification process. By locating vendors through the Avetta network, organizations have confidence knowing all service providers conform to all health, safety, environmental, and other relevant regulations.

Requirements for Becoming Avetta Certified

Each provider is required to maintain a safe environment that minimizes risk and organizational liability. Depending on the specific service provider and industry, Avetta will ask questions and assess risk at the individual applicant level to ensure they have adequate coverage, documented procedures, qualified workers, and satisfy compliance standards.

The application process to become Avetta certified is both complex and ongoing: All information and documentation provided at the time of initial application must be kept up-to-date to maintain status as a certified Avetta vendor.

What is ISN?

ISNetworld® (ISN) is another database that helps connect enterprises to qualified contractors and vendors through a careful pre-qualification process. As the global leader in contractor and supplier information management, ISN helps reduce risk and promote safe and sustainable operations throughout the supply chain with its ever-growing network of qualified contractors.

Requirements for Becoming ISN Certified

To become ISN certified, contractors must answer a questionnaire that may consist of more than 2,200 questions — all of which must be answered properly. Once the questionnaire is complete, contractors will then need to complete a series of ISN safety programs or ISNetworld®RAVS®. The programs must be written and uploaded for review.

Along with the ISNetworld®RAVS® results, contractors must also submit documentation of insurance (COI), EMR, OSHA Logs, requested company policies, and other materials for consideration. After a contractor is officially ISN certified, they will need to maintain and manage new requirements to uphold their certifications in the same way that Avetta-certified vendors must continuously update their documentation.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Painting Contractor

Hiring a maintenance painting contractor that’s Avetta- and ISN-certified affords facility and property managers many benefits, including:

  • Time Savings: Rather than carefully vetting each vendor on their own, managers can easily locate and connect with qualified contractors whom they already know conform to the latest safety standards within their industry.
  • Cost Savings: Managers can cut costs associated with prequalification screenings simply by looking for service providers who have already proven that they are trusted by global leaders in safety and compliance.
  • Peace of Mind: When managers see Avetta or ISN certification, they recognize it as a symbol of trust, allowing them to have greater peace of mind knowing their chosen contractors adhere to the highest safety standards in the world.

A&K Painting Company is proud to be both Avetta and ISNcertified.

Through our years of dedicated service, our team has become the gold standard in safety and compliance for maintenance painting in commercial and industrial facilities across the Carolinas and beyond. If you’re seeking a knowledgeable painting contractor to help maintain your commercial or industrial building, contact the Avetta- and ISN-certified painters at A&K Painting today!

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