How to Prepare for Your Commercial Painting Project

If your commercial property needs a new look or if it’s time to refresh your branding or colors, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Between generating new foot traffic, impressing your customers, improving your employees’ productivity, and increasing property value, a commercial painting project could be exactly what your property needs.

How can you ensure that the project goes smoothly? We’ve put together a guide to help prepare your business, customers, and employees.

Warn Employees and Customers Beforehand

If the painting project is going to take place during business hours, be sure to warn your employees and customers beforehand—especially if your commercial property will be closed. Give your employees plenty of notice, leave a sign on your door, send an email to your customer mailing list, and post on social media to alert your customers that painters will be completing a project.

Also, let them know when you plan to resume normal business hours. Doing so will prevent confusion and help to avoid any inconveniences.

Choose the Right Colors

Are you going in a new direction for the color of your walls and accents? Select your colors and make sure they reflect your business and branding. If you’re having trouble deciding which direction to go in, create a list of colors that are suitable for your building. Are there any color trends that have caught your eye?

Choose colors that set the desired tone and mood—colors can have a huge impact on employees and customers. Not sure where to start? Your commercial painting contractor can provide some ideas and direction. Just don’t wait until the day of to make last-minute color decisions.

Wash the Walls

Whether you’re painting the interior or exterior of your commercial building, consider washing the walls beforehand. This type of prep is essential, especially if your walls have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt, because any surface imperfections can prevent you from getting the smooth finish you want. To get started, grab a bucket, warm water, a sponge, and gentle detergent, then start scrubbing. That clean surface will help your fresh coat of paint look its best.

Remove Wall Art and Obstacles

Removing wall art beforehand will help your painting contractors get off to a faster start. If you’re using any wall decals or mirrors, remove those, as well.

You should also remove all furniture, accessories, and other items that are blocking the walls. Your commercial painting contractors will need plenty of space for their equipment and supplies, so removing all the obstacles will help their job go faster. It will also ensure your furniture isn’t actually damaged during the commercial painting project.

Make Essential Repairs

Before the project begins, inspect your building and note any problems you discover. If you can, make repairs before painting starts, as painting over damage won’t always get the results you want. For example, structural damage, cracks, and holes in the drywall can’t always be disguised by a fresh coat of paint.

Some repairs might need to be started weeks in advance—we recommend hiring professionals to make sure the repairs are completed quickly and correctly.

Use A&K Painting for Your Next Commercial Painting Project

Hiring professionals is important for any project—especially projects that can impact your commercial property. Working with experienced pros means you won’t have to worry the job will be done correctly and get your desired results.

Ready to get started? Contact A&K Painting to learn more about how we can help with your next commercial painting project.