What is the Difference Between Light & Heavy Industrial Facilities?

The crew at A&K Painting has years of experience coating industrial facilities, from light-industrial facilities to heavy-industrial facilities, and providing an array of services that are vital to that facility’s production and success. Light-industrial facilities and heavy-industrial facilities have different needs, however, with heavy-industrial facilities often requiring specialized tools and certifications to complete projects safely and correctly.

What’s the difference between light-industrial and heavy-industrial facilities? It primarily comes down to the types of production the facility handles and whether the materials they work with are hazardous, which impacts the types of services they require. Keep reading to learn more!

Light-Industrial Facilities

Light-industrial services are often confused with commercial painting services, but light-industrial services can be much broader and more complex than just painting. These types of services mainly cover plants and facilities that produce basic goods or facilitate a specific need in the production or distribution process.

For example, such facilities might handle:

Such facilities will likely require light-industrial services that require specialized knowledge and experience, but not specialized tools, equipment, or coatings. For example, light-industrial services could include:

A&K Painting has years of experience providing these services to light-industrial facilities all over the region. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your facility.

Heavy-Industrial Facilities

Heavy-industrial services are what come to mind when most people think of “industrial” projects. These types of services require specialized knowledge and expertise, in addition to specialized tools, equipment, coatings, and even special certifications. That’s because these facilities often produce or work with hazardous or dangerous materials that must be moved and contained according to specific safety and environmental regulations. They might also be classified as such because of specialty production processes.

Heavy-industrial facilities can include:

In addition to requiring the same basic services as light-industrial facilities, heavy-industrial facilities commonly require specialized services, such as:

Using a professional industrial painting contractor for these projects is imperative—for both quality and safety reasons.

A&K Painting Does It All

Our industrial teams have years of experience working with both light-industrial and heavy-industrial facilities. Our crews know how to complete a variety of projects safely and in ways that cause minimal interruptions to your facility’s production schedule.

Have a light-industrial or heavy-industrial project coming up? Reach out to A&K Painting today to schedule a consultation and start planning the execution of your project.