Rebrand Painting, Part 1: Refreshing Your Brand

Your business’s brand leaves a strong first impression and inspires customers to come back again and again. Inevitably, your brand becomes linked to your business’s reputation and can contribute to your authority in your industry. 

But brands aren’t meant to be stationary and unchanging. Just like the rest of the world, your brand should evolve to meet new industry standards, customer expectations, and aesthetic appeal. Most businesses update their branding every few years to stay relevant with their target audience. This is especially common in retail painting as well as hospitality and hotel painting spanning regional chains to national account rebranding projects.  

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to refresh your branding, don’t let the scale of the update scare you. The right contractor will streamline and simplify the process for you, so you can start seeing the results of your branding refresh sooner rather than later.

Why Do Businesses Change Their Branding?

There are two core reasons businesses choose to change their branding: because they want to refresh their image/update or because of acquisition.

Today, we’re focusing on businesses that want to refresh their brand. This refresh can range from a logo update to an all-new color scheme and tone.

Depending on whether the refresh is happening within a single building or at a national scale, working with the right contractor can make all the difference in the timing and quality of the rollout.

What to Consider When Refreshing Your Brand

Refreshing your brand might feel like a daunting task, but the work you put in will all be worth it. Refreshing your brand allows you to make small or sweeping changes that affect how your customers perceive your business. It gives you the opportunity to reassess your target market, your values and company culture, and how you want to position yourself within your market or industry.

Once you’ve settled on your new brand, take a moment to consider how each change impacts the updates required within your building or franchise.

New Logo

Updating your company’s logo is a great way to signal to your customer base that you’ve made recent changes and are moving forward as a brand. You’ll need to consider the broader implications of this update as far as signage in your store, advertising, and anything else that features your logo, such as your website.

New Colors

Changing your brand colors entails a whole new look for your business. How do you want to use those new colors? Your logo might need a color swap, and your store or franchise might need new coats of paint to match your new palette.Refreshing your logo and brand colors will require you to work closely with a contractor who won’t overlook any details, so make sure you choose one with experience working on rebranding endeavors on both a local and national scale.

Working With an Experience Branding Contractor Is a Must

Your brand is your business, so your contractor should be willing to work with you to ensure nothing is overlooked in the rebranding process.

Whether that means changing your logos in one building or swapping out paint colors on a national scale, your contractor should be able to present you with a comprehensive plan detailing how they plan to streamline the process and ensure it’s completed in a timely manner.

If you’re thinking about rebranding your business and want to learn more about how A&K Painting can help you reach your goals, reach out to our team today. We maintain a robust national accounts program and are prepared to service properties across a large geographic area.